Norma and Stan: Adult Children Living Far Away  

At the request of their doctor, Norma and Stan made the decision to move to an assisted living community near their sons home in Colorado.  Stan was in good physical condition but had dementia.  Norma was mentally alert but required oxygen and was restricted to the 1st floor.  In addition to four bedrooms on the second floor, there was a full basement, garage, and two sheds -- full of decades of accumulation.

Their only son, John, living five hundred miles away in Colorado, couldn't afford to take the amount of time off work to take care of the move.  Through the advise of a friend, John hired a Senior moving company to assist with the project. 

The Senior movers helped Norma and Stan develop a floor plan for the new apartment.  They brought items up from the basement and down from the second floor so Norma could decide whether they would be going with her, going to her son, sold, donated, or disposed of.  The Senior Move company packed the items going with them, arranged for and oversaw the mover, arranged for unneeded items to be sold or disposed of and for the house to be cleaned and vacated. The Senior movers communicated regularly with the son and reserved a wheelchair at the airport for Norma.