Shirley and Edward:  "We want to get top dollar for our home"

​Shirley and Edward didn't like the idea of moving before their house was sold.  "If you want your home to sell quickly and at the highest price," said their realtor," it needs to be organized an decluttered."  Shirley and Edward looked at each other.  Their closets were jammed, the den was cluttered, the basement was full and they could barely find the kitchen counter.

"Our house is our biggest single asset," said Edward.  They decided to approach this move as a business decision and be very objective in the organization and staging process. So they jumped in and got started.  A week later, both were exhausted, Edward's back ached and they had made very little progress. How would they ever get it ready in time to sell?

The realtor shared information about a senior moving company, "You don't have to do it alone." Shirley and Edward were concerned about the added expense. The realtor explained the increased likelihood of selling their house quickly and for top dollar if prepared to show well.

The more Shirley and Edward thought about it, senior movers seemed like a good investment.  Over the next month, senior movers helped them declutter and organize.  The house was ready to be listed in four weeks.  It sold in 60 days, within 5% of the asking price.